Photography for performers by a performer


Live Performances

Whether it is music, dance, circus, fire or theater, the challenge of shooting live performances is to capture images that drip with the beauty, emotion and excitement of the moment and brings the viewer into the frame. And I love that challenge. Live performance photography is available ala carte or as part of portfolio, album art or press kit package.

      Portfolio and Press Kits

      Let's start building your portfolio with a mix of composed and performance shots that show off your talent, personality, energy and beauty. Then let's add some creative headshots, a few behind the scenes pics and some personal "candids" to further your connection with your current and potential audience. We will talk about doing an initial project with two or three shoots to give you a solid start, and perhaps add some follow on shoots to update and keep things current. 

      I know the budgets of performers, but I also know the value of showing off your work through dynamic photography. Coming from a performing arts background, I work with artists to try to meet their budget without sacrificing creativity or photographic integrity. I also love collaborations that benefit us both. So let's talk!



          Album Art

          The days of album covers and liner art may be long gone, but drawing a strong association between an image and a song, album or EP is still as important as ever. Each song and album image strengthens the brand both of the song and you or your group. It connects the audience and invites them to listen. And supporting images invite them back to listen again and again.

          All album art packages include either a studio or location shoot that is carefully planned to go for that iconic artist or band look. Some packages also include one or more live shoots and behind the scenes captures to provide supporting images. 

          Let's talk and start planning and preparing your session. Let's be creative and bold enough to give fully expression to vision that will support your music and broaden your reach.

          Artist Headshots

          As with any profession, a great headshot is essential to marketing your services. But to be great, headshots for creatives must be... well... creative. Let's have some fun and create a look that demands attention.

          Artist headshots are available a la carte or in a portfolio, press kit or album art package.


          Let's Shoot!  Call or send a message to get things started. I can hardly wait to work with you!