For me, a good snapshot preserves an image of a moment in time. A good photograph, on the other hand recomposes the moment in a way that changes it from our normal experience. It captures an essence that ordinarily cannot be grasped during the multitude of fleeting moments that bombard all our senses simultaneously and in rapid succession.

“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.” — Dorothea Lange (photographer & photojournalist) 

Great photographs are wonderful paradoxes. Great photographs reveal fluidity in stillness. They inject a depth of emotion onto a two dimensional form. They freeze a moment in time while giving an impression of the motion leading into and flowing from the moment. And great photography draws viewers into the moment as experienced by the photographer, or it stimulates their memories and ideas to produce a new experience (from image to imagination).

This is my approach to photography — to focus on what things feel like even more then what they look like; to reveal movement in stillness; to have an unspoken conversation with viewers about my experience of this momentary world and their memories, fantasies and reactions to it.

In all my work, my goal is to capture the motion and emotion of a fleeting moment. 


Whether it is a shoot for a client or a personal fine art project, I execute all of my work with a commitment to producing the best possible images that capture both the look and the feel of the subject at hand. Professionally, I specialize in event photography, and services for musicians and performing artists (from capturing live performances, providing head shots, to shooting images for promotional materials). Please see my services page for descriptions of my professional offerings. Personal projects have focused on animals, landscapes, and fine art photography. Samples from my personal projects are presented on a rotating basis in the featured gallery and on my Flickr page. Take a look around. If you like the way that I see and portray things, let's talk.